Bologna: a 1st of March against borders and precarization to unite the struggles

12718254_558837754294505_5605264639365198116_nThose migrants who protested in Bologna on the 1st of March were not alone. Their voice and their strength echoed in more than 20 cities in Europe, across 9 countries , where various actions took place along with other crowded demonstrations. A great number of people, migrants, activists, precarious and industry workers, answered the call that the Transnational Social Strike Platform launched for a 1st of March against borders and precarization. The migrants in the streets of Bologna felt also together with other migrants who are fighting for the freedom of movement in Idomeni, in Calais and on the borders of Europe, sending a clear message: our struggle is one, we are on your side. In Bologna as in Europe the process towards the construction of a transnational strike starts with migrants who are challenging in these months the borders of the EU and overturning its balance of power. On March 1st, migrants have made clear that they are not a marginal issue: they are at the center of the European stage and they are powerfully questioning the European constitution.

On that day in Bologna (IT) more than 500 people filled the Central Square (Piazza del Nettuno) since 5 pm. Many migrants and refugees, coming from other cities in the region (Mirandola, Forlì, Rimini, Modena) joined the demonstration in Bologna in order to claim an unconditional, European residence permit . After two hours of sit-in, while one part of the people moved towards the train station to show their support to all those that every day violate the frontiers, migrants, precarious and industrial workers started a demo towards the Prefettura of Bologna, to denounce the government’s racism.

Migrants are experiencing and producing a change that affects everyone. They are asserting the need to build a new «we» in Europe, and the need to fight against those who exploit all of us and want to govern our mobility to make profits. The refugees shouted loudly that the precarious and migrant labor in all forms – in the workplaces, at home, in the hospitals, in the agricultural fields – is part of the same system of exploitation. Migrants affirmed that it is essential to connect our struggles in order to cause a real transformation, because they don’t want to be mere numbers to be counted or helped at the borders, in the reception centers, in the hotspots, or mourned as victims of the sea. They are the protagonists of an unstoppable movement and this movement refuses to be rejected, expelled, or put on hold. It isn’t enough to welcome migrants, as they will be exploited together with all precarious workers who are now migrating in search of a better life. For precarious and migrant workers benefits, welfare, freedom are being increasingly denied everywhere in Europe. Therefore, in Bologna as well we claimed a European minimum wage, European welfare and income, in order to unite what the European governments and the bosses want to divide while they try to subordinate our strength and desire for freedom to the EU games of quotas and walls.

The 1st of March in Bologna – as well as in many other cities all around Europe, inside and outside the Schengen space – has shown the possibility of a common struggle of migrants and refugees together with precarious and industry workers. On March 1st we took the first step to reclaim the space that belongs to us, to defeat the fear and to take back the strength we need towards a transnational social strike.

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Migrant Coordination

Bologna and Emilia Romagna